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ABOUT HOSTELTIMES.COM strives to be the elite site which provides the most up to date and precise information for backpacking and hostelling. We do in-depth research from various outlets, and form a apprehensible, and accurate information that those surfing the web, can view in our ever expanding database. offers a rather new function for those of you whose first language is not English, which are Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and of course English as the default language. This is to facilitate the whole process for the potential customers of which speak the above foreign languages to make bookings, and find their way to their destination.

Also, on top of the four different languages to choose from, our list of hostels and tour products are huge, and are growing all of the time, as well as having a section where former guests can express their opinions on hostels they stayed in. And for those who are not as well traveled as others, can employ the FAQ section, which will give you answers about the basics of hostelling or backpacking and purchasing a tour package, renting a car, etc. Further more please keep in mind that our website ( is still in the early stages, thus, it is always changing as to cover all the possible demands that an each potential hostelling/backpacking customer may have.

Finally, we have developed huge "FORUM" section in four different languages. This enormous community section will allow to not only the company as a hostel or Tour Company, but also the traveler to participate in forum so we could exchange needs what backpackers may want to have.

If you feel the need to express your opinions and/or have any suggestions for our web site, then feel free to take a user's survey. We would very much appreciate any responses as it would be helpful for us learn how to best meet your needs. To contact us regarding any other matters please click here


Learn how to post your company on one of the up and coming and elite sites for advertising yours online and for selling your beds and product faster and easier. As has the ability to be able to aid company owners in facilitating their ability to run their hostels or tour company, by taking the daunting task of keeping records of their beds' availability, reservation/booking, and cancellation info organized. This also applies for the tour and any travel related companies. All of which is practically done for them through being a part of our web site. And thanks to the recent improvements in computer technology, this is overall the easiest way to do hostelling and tour business in the new millenium and onward.

On, the hostel or tour company owner will be able to have more resources at their disposal than with other websites that already provide the same services. The backpacker and hostelling market is a non stop and busy business, so let us help you in making it a lot easier by taking some of the responsibility off of your shoulders and taking on as if it were our own.

Why join our affiliation network.

In our ever-changing internet world with competition and new ways of doing business changing on a day to day basis, no company can afford to sit back on its current way of doing business, even if it is working well at the moment. We must all continue to grow, re-invent, evolve and constantly improve ourselves. At affiliates, we help our partners do just that by providing new and innovative ways in which you can build relationships with your clients, customers and prospects giving them everything they need for travel and accommodation from just one site yours.

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